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    3. You are not receiving Legal, financial, Estate Planning or Personal advice, or any advice of any kind. No one reviews any of your responses or submissions for accuracy or appropriateness
    1. DigiWill provides a platform for drafting a Will at no cost. It is a self help and guided platform that helps the user understand the process of drafting a will. The platform services are for private use and does not constitute any legal or financial advice.
    2. The platform offers a “DigiProtect Estate cost calculator” which is an estimation cost tool used to show the user an illustration of the expected estate cost based on the input information. This calculator is only an estimation with the objective of giving the client an illustrative figure and making the client aware of the costs to be incurred when winding up the estate.
    3. The “DigiProtect Estate cost calculator” will indicate the estimated costs for the Executor fee, Master Fee, Conveyances’ fee, Estate Duty and Administrative costs based on the inputs of the client.
    4. If the user has completed their Will and is interested in getting a quotation on DigiProtect Estate Insurance, this service is offered on the DigiWill platform as part of the tools and deal zone.
    5. The DigiProtect Estate Insurance policy can be accepted by the client/Insured digitally as this is also a self help process whereby the client accepts all the terms and conditions and provides the information digitally. DigiWill is an authorised FSP.
    6. DigiWill will remain in contact with signed up users on the importance of Wills, Estate planning, and insurance through annual updates and marketing.
    1. The Site and platform offer Users the opportunity to draft their own Wills. Although the Site provides Users with legal information that is generally applicable and permits Users to create their own Wills the Services are intended to be applicable to a broad group of people.
    2. Our services do not constitute and are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. If you need specific legal, financial, estate planning or personal advice, or have unique or specific concerns, then you should consult an attorney Financial Planner or estate planner.
    3. Your use of the Services does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and DigiWill, or between you and any employee, representative or associate of DigiWill. The Will provided through use of this Site and the information on this Site are not a substitute for legal, financial, estate planning or personal advice from qualified professionals and may not be protected as privileged or confidential communications between attorney-client.
    4. The Site does not review the information provided us for factual or legal accuracy or completeness or appropriateness and does not provide legal advice, not does it provide advice about the selections you have made or provide advice concerning your specific situation. If you need legal, financial, estate planning, financial planning or personal advice for a specific problem, you should consult with an appropriate professional.
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